Be Acquainted with ACHCAR SS


We are presently living in a time when those who are successful in business look back to the history of the motor car as a inspirational symbol of art, design and beauty.

Within this context, the love of such classic and vintage designs has motivated and influenced people to participate and promote great meetings and classic car shows like Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Such has been the success of the creation of the automobile and subsequently motor sport that it has in the past decades seen a rise in sales of Retro cars. This hobby has become so popular that, just like the competitive world of art, collectors are using the endorsement of such bodies as Sotheby's and other auctioneers to act as the conduit for sales.

Quite often, a Retro version of an automobile is referred to as a Classic or Imperial car, both being representative of pre-war car design.

Retro car construction has become increasingly popular and, for it to continue to be successful, it requires the services of experts - expert vehicle builders and expert knowledge. It is simply not enough to be just car restorers. It requires expertise and attention to detail to produce the quality of car required by Vintage/Retro car owners, whose pleasure, in the main, is derived from the perfection in the detail.

Within an automobile refitting context, one must be able to prove historical experience in the field of car construction, including the ability to adapt flawlessly several well known and important concepts, which many people forget, such as:

• Improvements in safety

• Compliance with International Traffic and Safety Regulations

• Replacement of older types of components with new, superior type equivalents, which are structurally and functionally better, as well as being aesthetically pleasing .

When rebuilding or designing a retrofit, one should primarily aim to preserve the inspiration of the original constructor while, at the same time, being able to fine tune the automobile to current capabilities.